Saturday, 31 March 2012

Teal Silk Batik Stole to Complement Work Outfit 新製品の補足:ティール・シルク・ストール

"As I was being born my father claims that he was playing his fiddle/violin to soothe my mother and when my head came out he says that I looked right into his eyes and that my eyes were the color of electric turquoise and in Persian the word for turquoise is Fairuza, it also means Sacred or Precious one....don't ask me..." - Fairuza Balk


Turquoise refers to a gemstone and also a color which the gemstone has. It is a mix of blue and green. Light turquoise gives off feminine appeal while dark turquoise or teal expresses sophistication.


The color turquoise is soothing as well as invigorating as its blue element gives relaxation while its green element contains the energy of growth. Since it comprises these two elements, it creates emotional balance and stability. In color psychology, turquoise recharges our spirits when we feel mentally tired and stressed out. It relaxes and invigorates us and takes away the loneliness we feel. If you can use the color turquoise on your wall, clothing, jewelery, you'd feel immediately more relaxed and energized. Ready to face the world again! (^_^)


This silk batik stole, for example, would make an excellent choice for that reason.


cream colored tendrils pattern on a dark turquoise

Here are the different styles to wear it:

A beautiful Halter top

Price: US$ 88 (7300円)
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NOTE: This shawl was sold at last month's exhibition. 

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