Saturday, 17 March 2012

My First Batik Exhibition in Misasa City 三朝町での最初の展示会

It's been a long time since my last post.  A lot of things have happened since then.


I held my own batik exhibition in a town near where I live called Misasa town (三朝町). A cafe owner was very kind to host my first exhibition of Indonesian batik.


For this exhibition I acquired about 30 pieces of batik from different prominent batik making areas in Indonesia such as Tegal, Lasem, Cirebon, Garut, Semarang to name a few. I also displayed some batiks of my late grandmother who passed away last year. It was such an honor to be able to display what is to me her legacy.


Over 30 people came to the exhibition with great curiosity as to what batik is all about. Some though had already heard and known about batik but some hadn't. It was very interesting to see how closely they were watching me showing them how to create different styles of outfit by using a piece of batik.. I felt proud and nervous at the same time. I was a bit overwhelmed with pouring admiration from the guests towards the collection of batiks.


An surprising thing is that the stuffs that sold most were silk Batik shawls. In the beginning, I didn't expected that so what I had prepared most were 100 % cotton Batik fabric. But after we started the exhibition, all of the shawls were sold out just within 30minutes ! I was so surprised ! My husband said maybe they can use them with putting them on their coats or something because, as you know, there's winter in Japan. But Indonesia isn't like that so shawls aren't so much popular. And basically the coats in Japan has simple and plane colors so, if they wear them on their coats, they can match with each other characteristically. It might be the remarkable cultural difference, I think.


Basically my first trial here was succeeded enough (to be honest, I was an English teacher in Indonesia so I haven't tried business matter !). I'm really glad to know that not a few persons is there who's interested in Batik, even in these kinds of countryside. And I've got confidence about that. Now I'm planning next exhibitions to show how beautiful Indonesian batiks are and also to promote my business. Maybe in Tokyo ?


an array of Indonesian batiks from Garut, Semarang, Sukabumi, and Cirebon


an array of Indonesian batiks from Lasem

an array of Indonesian batiks from Lasem

an array of Indonesian batiks from Tegal

batik from the city of Mojokerto, fully hand-drawn

one corner of the exhibition room

left to right: a guest, my model, me, and another guest

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