Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Visit to Home Country Part 2 - Learning batik 母国を訪ねて (その2) バティックを習いました

batikmakers are batiking at a workshop in Bandung
Lazing about at home or spoiling my taste buds with scrumptious food sound very unproductive for such a long stay in one's home country :-) So I did something that was contra-unproductive. One thing that I had always wanted to do before setting foot in Indonesia was to visit a batik workshop and have first-hand experience in the batik making..


I visited this batik workshop in the eastern part of Bandung. This batik workshop has quite a reputation actually so I was daunted at first when arriving at the entrance. But I had made up my mind so I couldn't back down.


As I was walking inside, the fragrant smell of wax pervaded in the air. The sound of people chit-chatting was my lead to where I should go. My eyes immediately fell on a group of ladies who were busy with their work, applying hot wax with a canthing onto a piece of plain cotton that had patterns on it. They looked up and greeted me as I approached.


"Are you coming here to learn about batik?" A lady in red T-shirt asked me. She then introduced herself to me.


"Would you like to try?" she offered me. I said yes. Then immediately she brought me a piece of cloth and showed me how to use canthing.


I was so nervous I couldn't control my fingers. Between fear for the hot wax and trying to control it. The hot wax was running uncontrollably on the cloth. Batiking is truly tough!! とても難しい!!!  (> <。). 


But! I finally managed to conquer my fear (but not my fingers unfortunately, not yet) and finished my first batik project at the workshop. My buttocks ached from 8 hours times 3 days working on this project!! (> <。)


Lotus in bloom - lotus is a divine flower so I chose it when my instructor asked me to design something
蓮の花 - 蓮は神聖な花なので、インストラクターが何を描くのか尋ねた時に、私はこれを選びました。

The lotus and jasmine are my own design and the remaining are hand-stamped.
My first batik project
My 24-hour batik project has got me hooked on batik more strongly and I'm planning to continue learning. Batik is my life!! *^_^*


Me among the batik makers who are busy applying wax
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