Saturday, 24 March 2012

VIRUS ATTACKS!!! ウイルスにやられた!!!

I was browsing the net as usual a few days ago and was getting ready to post a new entry on my blog when suddenly a pop-up came out. This pop-up appeared to ask me to scan my computer. Without thinking any further, I clicked.


My husband is very cautious about our computers' security as we use internet a lot. Therefore, we're prone to viral attacks. He regularly scans and re-installs his and mine. He also installed an anti virus software. This software oftend reminds us to scan when it comes across a suspicious website. 


When I saw the pop-up, I thought it was the software that told me to do so. I did and suddenly my computer went nuts!! Another pop-up appeared and this pop-up multiplied! I panicked!!


I called my husband who came up and immediately ran a check-up on my computer. After a while he said, "a virus (maybe it's so-called Windows 7 Recovery) has attacked your computer. Just like it did to mine several months ago." I couldn't believe it!!.. I remembered when a certain virus had attacked my husband's laptop and it deleted most of his files. It took him days to work on it and he couldn't get his files back. And this is happening to meeeeeee!! I thought panicking. I didn't think I had opened a suspicious site. How could that happen??

旦那を呼ぶと、すぐに旦那が駆けつけて、PCをチェックし始めました。しばらくすると、「こらウイルス(Windows 7 Recovery)にやられたぞ。俺もやられたけな」と旦那が言いました。マジですか?そう言えば以前、旦那のノートがウイルスにやられて、ファイルを根こそぎ消されたと言っていたのを思い出しました。復旧までに数日、結局消されたファイルとは永久におさらば。次は私の番だあああああ!私は焦りました。やばいサイトなんか開けたっけ?何でこうなったの?

I was so scared that it would delete my files :-((.. I hadn't made a back-up for all of my files.. my documents, photos, music...


Having experienced and dealt with the same mischievous virus before, my husband knew how to handle it and my files were safe.. pheeeew.. What a relief!!


This experience has made me realize that virus may lurk in almost any site... I really need to be extra careful from now..


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