Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Rendezvous with Batik Artisan and Batik Lovers バティック・アーティストと愛好家との出会い

During last home-coming, I was fortunate to meet with a few passionate batik artisans and lovers. I learned that batik has been in their life for years. They have fallen in love with batik, laughed, cried, and worked their fingers to the bone for Batik. In their sleep,  they dream about flowers, phoenix, tree of life, clouds, dragon, leaves.. When they are awake, they put all of them onto cloth. It was an honor meet them.


We met mas Bayu and mbak Dani at mas Bayu's home in Jogjakarta (mas and mbak are Javanese  titles used when addressing people. Mas for men and mbak for women. Especially used when addressing men or women of about the same age or a bit older or in some cases a bit younger. For example, Bayu is much younger than me). Mbak Dani is pretty and energetic lady. Educated at one of the top universities in Indonesia and attended a short course in Oxford Unversity, England. Upon finishing her studies, she decided to run a batik business. Her love for batik had been her strongest motivation. Mas Bayu is a graduate of Indonesia Institute of Art in Jogjakarta, a city most associated with culture and art. Founding his own batik studio called Hotwax Jogja, he has designed and made beautiful pieces of batik. Highly influenced by Japanese art, he ingeniously incorporates Javanese, Indonesian, and Japanese styles in his batik pieces (he also can draw Japanese black-and-white paintings called "Suiboku Ga" and he said one of his hero is Akira Toriyama who's the writer of "Dragon Ball"). Meeting and talking with these people was an incredible experience and has deepened my knowledge about batik.


But long before that, I had met another energetic lady in Bandung. Also an young entrepreneur in batik. She travels to the remote areas in West Java in search for hidden treasure. She meets with batik artisans and brings their works to Bandung and sell them. She has become a bridge between these village artisans to the market of batik lovers. We had a very long chat over a nice coffee and some yummy snacks. We came to an idea of producing silk batik stoles, shawls, and wraps involving artisans the city of Tasikmalaya, whom she has known well for a long time. Some of them are ready to be shown in my next posts. Be ready to check them out!! ^_^


Most left is mas Bayu and on my left, in the middle is mbak Dani

me and mbak Riri at a coffee house in Bandung, enjoying a long chat about batik

Silk batik scarf made by mas Bayu. Gorgeously decorated

a batik design by mas Bayu. showing strong influence of Hokusai

my wrap batik skirt with Hokusai and Javanese design by mas Bayu

first production of silk batik stoles and wraps by mbak Riri and me
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