Thursday, 29 March 2012

Flowers here and there 花があちらこちらに

Spring is finally here!! Yippeee (=^O^=)/


Today the sun is shining fully during the day. Not half not a quarter. But full! Outside looks so beautiful as if nature is awaken from her deep sleep for 4 or 5 months!..(just like this, the weather in Tottori is so gloomy in winter season so it made me so gloomy too. Except for my husband. He always says he's never been affected by the circumstance at all. It seems he's totally so-called "my-pace person"so I seriously envy him)


What do I do on such a lovely day? Not galloping in the meadow and singing like Maria in The Sound of Music... Nope! My husband and I decided that it is high time we laid our futons and blankets on the roof to dry. It sounds unromantic but we have been longing to sleep on more fluffy futons and warm cottony blankets (^_^) so..forget about being Maria in this bright warm beautiful day.


Apart from warm sun and cool air, spring marks the growth of flowers. Little buds start to emerge. New leaves are sprouting.. I LOVE spring!! And to celebrate the coming of spring, I have changed the background of my blog to suit the season.


I chose this batik piece from my private collection as the background. Because this particular piece reflects the season perfectly. The background and the choice of colors and designs were orchestrated beautifully. On a clean white background laid blossoming flowers of pink, turquoise, and green while green tendrils give off fairy-tale like tone. If you have read the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett "The Secret Garden", you will understand that even the heart of the unaffectionate and cold Mary Lennox would be melted at the sight of flowers. Flowers uplift the cold souls frozen by long winter. Let's cheer up as spring is here!! (=^O^=)/


I hope you enjoy the spring as much as I do!! Cheers!! (^_^)/


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