Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lavender Cerise Peony Batik Kanzashi French Barette

My second peony is on my Etsy shop :-)

I combined hand-dyed lavender batik and cerise satin (polyester). Both make each other stand out. For the leaves, I used hand-dyed green batik. This peony is quite big so I mounted it on an 8-cm french barette.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hair Accessory Alligator Hair Clip with Pink Peony ピンクのボタンのヘアアクセサリー

Peony or  ボタン in Europe is called "the rose without thorns". In Japan and China it is considered the "King of flowers".


The name itself derived from Paeon or Paean. He was the student of Asclepius, the god of medicine in Greek mithology.


Legend has it that Asclepius was jealous of his student. To save him, Zeus turned Paeon into the peony flower. Although there's another version that says Paeon received the peony from the mother of Apollo.


In China where the flower is originated, peony represents the royal families. Legend has it that queen Mu threw a party in the capital city of Jang-Ahn. Showing off her authority, she ordered all the flowers to bloom at the same time in order to make her happy. Although all the flowers obeyed, the peony didn't. The Queen was so angry that she had it sent away to the country side called NakYang. As soon as the peony arrived in NakYang, it bloomed even more beautifully. When the Queen heard this she was enraged and ordered that the peony had to be burned. Peculiarly even after burning, the peony still bloomed.


Having such a long history, it is no wonder that the peony bears so many symbolic meanings. In China and Japan, it has pretty much the same, it symbolizes a symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity and a happy marriage too.


Despite these myths and symbolic meanings, no one would doubt that the beauty of peony makes this flower one of the most exquisite flowers.


This is the first peony kanzashi I've made. It is made from hand-stamped batik. Pink for the petals and green for the leaves. I used the Japanese method of tsumami kanzashi to assemble the petals. It is mounted on this beautifully-carved metal alligator hair clip. I added tiny swarovski crystals as if the petals were studded with dew.


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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Orange Green Chrysanthemum Batik Bridal Kanzashi Hair Comb オレンジとグリーンの菊風のブライダル用バティックかんざし

A new label in my blog and also a new section in my shop.


This is my first successful attempt in making kanzashi using batik and Japanese traditional method. I wish I could go on and on telling about how I ended up making kanzash. But I will do it later on.


This kanzashi is made from hand-stamped batik from Java. I used Japanese traditional method when making it. It took me about 2 days to complete as nori or rice glue takes a long time to set.


This kanzashi is available on my Etsy shop.


Brides don't need to always wear white all the way, right? ;-) Bring vivacity in the joyous occasion with vibrant colors of hair ornaments such as this.


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First post in 3 months 三ヶ月振りの更新です!

I'm so sorry for not posting anything on my blog for over 3 months... I didn't write anything at all since 13th of July. I've just checked that my last post was on 12th of July..


I've immersed myself in sewing intensively - I've been spending  almost all day everyday cooped up in a room now changed into my atelier. Aside from sewing, I recently discovered a new passion: making kanzashi. And for these two reasons I decided to reform the content of my Etsy shop. The shop is called Jagatara Art handmade batik clothes and ornaments.

この間私はずっと、洋裁に集中していました。毎日のほとんどの時間を洋裁に費やしていたものですから、うちの家の一室は完全にアトリエと化してしまいました。さらに私は最近、新しい興味の対象を見つけました。それは、かんざし作りです。そんなわけで私はEtsyのショップの中身を作り変えることにしました。名前も、"Jagatara Art handmade batik clothes "に変更しました。

The reason for the change was that I wanted to sell the items that I make by myself. I wanted to have some sort of control over what I sell. And the only thing I could achieve that is by making the items by myself. I could decide the colors, shape, quality, etc. Although not all the stuff I sell is made by me. The shawls and scarfs are still made by my partner workshop in Java. They also provide me with batik cotton that I use to make handmade clothes and kanzashi.


This is the cover of my Etsy shop and my Facebook fanpage now. I made the chrysanthemum on the photo. It was probably the first successful kanzashi I'd made :) It was made from hand-stamped batik and decorated with chirimen cover button. I was very proud that the chrysanthemum attracted a customer's attention who immediately wanted it so much.


Anyway, I'd like to write more but my eyes are very tired although this is the first in 3 months that I've had some time to write and post in my blog. I wanted to post more about the process of learning I went through - sewing and making kanzashi. But I will do it when I have more time because I'm still busy perfecting my techniques in both. In the meantime, please check my shop and my facebook fanpage. Thank you!! ^^