Thursday, 27 October 2016

Country Chic Crochet Flower French Barrette Hair Clips

The last weeks of September were so nice. The weather was starting to get cooler and much much less humid. I was enjoying the beginning of autumn so much! But I knew that I couldn't stay relaxed enjoying the comfortable weather for too long because soon winter would come. So I'd have to make use of this opportunity to make as many items as possible before the holiday season came.

I completed this batch of crocheted flower French barrettes at the beginning of this month. All are in country chic, shabby chic colors such as soft pink, tea rose, soft purple, blue, coral, turquoise, mauve, magenta. These French barrettes are all listed already on my Etsy shop.

All of them are hand-crocheted and hand-dyed, mounted on silver toned metal French barrettes. It took me about 2 weeks to complete them, from designing, crocheting, hand-dyeing and finally assembled all the flowers into 6 French barrettes.
Country Chic Crochet Flower French Barrettes

Roses and cabbage roses in tea rose, mauve and magenta.
Pink Rose Mauve Magenta Cabbage Rose French Barrette

Turquoise cabbage roses and magnolias.
Turquoise Cabbage Rose and White Magnolia French Barrette
Soft purple roses.
Purple Rose French Barrette
Various flowers including pansies in coral and tea rose.
Shabby Chic Coral and Tea Rose French Barrette

This one is the same style as the above but in different colors - blue, soft purple and tea rose.
Shabby Chic Blue Purple Pink French Barrette

And finally a rose French barrette in coral and tea rose color.
Shabby Chic Coral and Tea Rose French Barrette

Which one is your favorite? :)