Monday, 5 November 2012

Turquoise White Art Deco Bridal Hair Comb Batik Kanzashi

I REALLY love the art deco color palette! I can't get enough of it :) This time for BRIDAL HAIR COMB I chose turquoise (which has more green, I think) hand-dyed batik which I combined with white satin to create layered petals of ume flowers. The flowers are. decorated with white pearled stamens, filigree and crystals.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Yellow Ume Flower Batik Kanzashi Hair Clip

Actually I am still confused between sakura and ume flowers..hahaha.. I tried to make an ume flower kanzashi and I hope I did it justice. I chose to combine hand-dyed yellow batik and dark green satin (polyester) and studded the flower and leaves with yellow swarovski crystals.

This item is avaliable on my Etsy shop. To find out more, please click HERE.

Blue White Art Deco Bridal Peony Batik Kanzashi Hair Clip

I hope you don't get bored with peonies :-).. I love making peony kanzashi and I love art deco color shades :-). A new item on my Etsy shop is a peony :-)

I used hand-dyed blue-grey batik and combined it with white satin. I decorated the flower with black pear stamens. I was going to use white but they wouldn't stand out. It is mounted on an alligator clip about 5 cm long.

I hope the flower doesn't look too gloomy :D..

To find out more, click HERE.. Thank you