Sunday, 24 June 2018

Kimono Silk Fabric Remnants with Scenic Motif

It's been ages since my last post. I've been so busy. Running two shops is certainly a full time job!

To begin with, I've added a new section in my Vintage & Supplies shop JagataraArtVintSup. It's fabric remnant section. It started when I realized that I had so many fabric scraps that I'd bought and used only some of them to make kanzashi. Mainly kimono silk fabrics. These fabrics were part of kimono and haori.r

Japan's silk is well-known of its high quality. The patterns are beautiful and unique. Many have traditional Japanese textile designs such as seigaiha (wave), sakura (cherry blossoms), ume (plum blossoms), momiji leaf, and many more.

One of my favourite designs is scenic design which depicts nature and even houses. Sometimes the design includes several traditional designs such as sakura, bamboo leaves, pine etc.

These are some of the fabrics in my shop.

This one has unique scenic motif which consists of traditional Japanese patterns such as streams, chrysanthemums, irises, cherry blossoms, and pines. Also there are additional patterns such as hills and bamboo water pipes.

I love the striking colours of this piece. The design depicts Japanese village. There are colourful houses with lots of trees and flowers. You may notice some Japanese traditional designs such as seigaiha (wave), chrysanthemums, irises, momiji leaves and many others.

Although the scenic design on this fabric is quite simple, it still retains its beauty. The patterns consist of various patterns such as chrysanthemums, irises, plum blossoms, momiji leaves, pines and streams.

The last one is almost as simple as the one above but it has additional patterns such as houses and gates. The traditional patterns include chrysanthemums, momiji leaves, bamboo leaves, and pines. The unique patterns here the ones that look like clouds but in purple.
These fabrics are considered vintage and can be used for doll-making, wallet making, tsumami zaiku (fabric flowers), collage and other crafting and sewing projects.

Visit my shop JagataraArtVintSup to see more details and to purchase.

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