Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Summer Items: Tsumami Kanzashi Hair Sticks/ Bun Holders

This may be too late to post this but when it comes to hair accessories, it's never too late. I may say this as an excuse not to write about this earlier :) Yep, I'm not that good at updating my blog, I have to admit. Summer on this part of the world (Japan) may be over now but the opposite part of the world, summer is approching so these hair sticks/ bun holders should make very pretty hair decoration.

I made a lot of hair sticks before summer came this year. I was so into flower ball or kusudama. So I made a lot of hair sticks with flower ball dangles. Aside from the flower balls, I added some extra decorations such as charms and tassels.

This one was inspired by pink hydrangea in July. This pink hydrangea hair stick is adorned also with bead dangles.

Although this looks like the pink hydrangea hair stick, this one was inspired by another typical flower of the summer called nanohana or mustard flowers. I also added bead dangles to this yellow mustard flower hair stick.

I use wooden hair sticks with both pieces.

I also made several hair sticks using metal ones in silver tone and vintage tone.

This is tsumami kanzashi with flower ball in maroon and pink with a charm and tassel. 

This is tsumami kanzashi with blue flower ball, owl charm and tassel.

This is tsumami kanzashi with green flower ball, owl charm and tassel.

This one has tropical colored flower ball. I made it with Japanese chirimen.

This tsumami kanzashi flower ball is similar with the one above with different colors. I also made it with Japanese chirimen.

For those whose hair is not that long but want to have a small hair bun, I've made two hair sticks which are shorter that the previous ones and these are made with plastic hair sticks.

I made this mint and olive green tsumami kanzashi with vintage kimono and Japanese tensha bead and a tassel.

And last but not least, tsumami kanzashi hair stick in peach and teal. I also made this with vintage kimono and added a polymer clay bead and a tassel.