Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Inspiration of First Project 最初のプロジェクトのアイディア

It is not easy to find a partner with who you can communicate what you want and what you think and understands them well. For example, if a foreigner really fall in love with Batik and decide to visit Indonesia to ask Batik artists to make Batik works as he/she likes, it may be totally difficult because of the cultural (and sometimes language) differences ! In this meaning, I might be lucky because I'm Indonesian so it's not so much difficult for me to think about the business plans with understanding their situation and so on, even though I'm living in a far away place.


I was really happy when I met Riri. At last I found a partner whom I can work together well. She is a mother of a-year-old baby daughter. She and her husband run a batik business together. She is among the few Indonesian who think that being a self-employed is better that becoming a government officer. I really like her progressive mindset :-). Enthusiastically, she immediately accepted my idea of producing silk batik stole with batik designs from Tasikmalaya city where she has been acquiring high quality hand-stamped and hand-drawn batiks for the past few years. And she has known the batik artisans very well.


When it comes to batik making, Tasikmalaya may not be as well-standing as batik-making centers in Central Java such as Jogjakarta, Solo, Lasem, or Pekalongan or even those in West Java such as Cirebon or Indramayu. However, the city had her golden age in batik between 1950 - 1960.


Tasikmalaya batik patterns received strong influence from those of Jogjakarta and Solo, which is quite characteristic in comparison to other famous batik making centers in the West Java. For example, the preference for geometric patterns such as those favored in Jogjakarta and Solo. Also the choice of color tones such as soga brown, black, indigo, deep red on a cream background. These are some of the examples:


Kawung pattern

Parang pattern
The Dancing Peacock
Fortunately, Riri has been working together with progressive batik workshops who dare to apply more various color tones. And given this, I thought that it would be a nice idea to apply Tasikmalaya batik design on silk stoles, wraps or shawls.


And the result is gorgeous silk batik stoles ever! Using lined silk which has two weaving patterns alternating, the silk stoles look so elegant and beautiful as you can see below.


One of the silk stoles. Decorated with roses pattern in red. Hand-stamped and hand-dyed.
More of these gorgeous silk stoles in the coming posts (^_^)


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