Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kanzashi Inspired FLOWER Dangle Earrings

One thing I like about tsumami zaiku or kanzashi inspired flowers is that how adaptable it is. You can apply it on hair accessories as it's originally for or jewelry. Tsumami zaiku or kanzashi inspired flowers make a lovely piece of mix-media jewelry.

Take a look at this pair of earring dangles by Magpie Creations. Aren't they a beauty?

I have made several pairs of dangle earrings, too, and listed them on etsy. Some of them are of batik cotton and one pair is made from batik silk. I combined the flowers with lamp work beads, fire-polished beads, charms, and faux pearls.

  Blue jasmine with bird cage charm and faux pearl.

Dainty pink jasmine with lamp work beads.

 Tangerine toned jasmine with flower charm and orange acrylic beads.

Dark olive flower with fire-polished bead dangles.

I'm pretty happy with my first batch of earrings and will make more soon!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Getting Fit With YOGA While Having Almost Recovered Foot

It's been almost 5 months since the time when I had a fractured foot (Read  I have got back on my feet again, yaaay!!

Actually they removed the cast 4 weeks later. But I couldn't walk immediately. My foot was as weak as Harry Potter's arm in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret. I was shocked to see that. My left foot had lost its power. It took me about 1 month and a half to regain it. I didn't do any special exercise or rehabilitation. I still used crutches for another two months after the cast had been taken off.

I began working again, making kanzashi and tsumami zaiku in February. I had to do it since my Etsy shop  was almost empty. I felt I needed to fill up items on my shop.

I was working and working and working and I forgot that I felt exhausted easily. I actually just worked for 3 - 4 hours in my atelier, but somehow I felt extremely tired.
My husband reminded me that the reason for that was because I hadn't done any exercise. He suggested I took up yoga again. I hesitated a bit. I mean, how can I do yoga with my less powerful left foot than the right one. But I got tired of experiencing fatigue.  Then I browsed youtube and found these.

This modified Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is great! I usually do just 10 minutes of this. Then I continue with pranayama: kapalabathi and anuloma viloma. Both take about 28 or 30 minutes.

And the result was amazing!! I felt rejuvenated immediately. Just this 30 minute exercise everyday, I can overcome my fatigue and I sleep better. Yoga is just wonderful. You can modify the poses to suit your body condition. I LOVE YOGA !!