Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Collection of Batik One Piece 新しいバティックワンピース

Jawaneko Art's new collection of batik one piece is made of batik from the city of Garut, West Java. Just as most of batik from West Java, batik from Garut has very cheerful color palette and patterns. The designs of Batik Garut are usually geometric, flora, and fauna on clean backgrounds.


Batik Garutan with soft color palette. The patterns are geometric, fauna and flora. The dress is suitable to be worn in the summer and it looks very cool and lovely.

More selection is below. The price is different because the one above has more elaborate design.


Color: Pink and White.

Color: Blue.

Bust: 96 cms
Length: 94 cms

If you're interested, please contact Yuichi Nakahara (in Japanese) me: (in English) 
*Updated information: This dress has been sold.*  
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My Model モデルさん

Finally after very long absence due to unbearable heat (とても暑い日本は)...


And finally I found someone who agrees to become the model of my batik collection yaaaay ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ  I'd been thinking a lot of how to improve my collection visually. I had a mannequin already but still a mannequin does not give 'soul' to the clothes it wears. Then my husband suggested that I asked ms. Kazuko (和子さん) if she would like to do that. She is my husband's friend who belongs to a kind of performing group. I was soooo glad that she was really thrilled with the idea of modeling batik clothes. She looks really pretty in her batik one-piece


和子さん in batik one piece