Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Visit to Home Country Part I 母国を訪ねて (その1)

After over 14 months since my last visit to Indonesia, I finally made another one last January.


Traveling to the equatorial zone in winter was an amazing experience. I left Kurayoshi amidst the cold freezing air. Until Kansai airport I was fully layered in thick suede coat. 9 hours later I arrived at Jakarta's airport, enwrapped in thick humid air. The sound of people's chatters was buzzing in my ears. Everywhere flocks of people moving around dizzily. Quite an opposite to Kurayoshi's atmosphere.


Not only the weather, my lifestyle changes when I am in Indonesia. One thing is that I always wake up early no matter how late I go to bed at night. The reason is simple. It is almost impossible to wake up late among the cock-a-doodle-dooing roosters, the sound of adzan. And most of all, food vendors who shout or make sound with their plates or wooden block trying to sell chicken porridge, spiced rice, steamed rice with curry, Chinese buns and so on and so forth. How can you stay asleep when the vendors are giving you images of mouth watering breakfast? :-)


the infamous fried rice or nasi goreng

Soto sulung: the savory beef soup with rice
But my most favorite breakfast menu while at home is this: fried tempeh and steamed bananas. Hmmmm Yummmyyyy!!


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