Saturday, 28 April 2012

From Grandma With Love おばあちゃんの愛

A dialogue between my aunt and me:


Aunt : This is for you... (she's handing me a piece of batik that looked very old).
Me   : What for? I don't collect batiks..
Aunt : Well... This is not for collection.. Who knows maybe you'll get married someday..
Me   : Umm..okay.. (though I was puzzled, I took it)

私:うーん、OK (と私は、当惑しながら受け取りました)。

That dialogue took place on one afternoon in 2008, I was watching my sister picking out my grandma's batiks. She had just developed a new interest: collecting batiks. And she had been eyeing  on my grandma's since they were over 50 years old of age! At that time my grandma was about 86 years old and due to her health problem she had been bedridden for quite some time. My aunt had very little time to pay attention to her batik collection for she was too busy taking care of my grandma.  So, when my sister said she wanted to take my grandma's batiks, my aunt couldn't be happier! :-)


I paid very little attention to batik-collecting at that time. I mean, I often wore batik skirts, blouses, etc but collecting batiks?? How odd I thought.


That afternoon my sister cheerfully and carefully scanning my grandma's batik collection. Suddenly my aunt picked out one and gave it to me. My sister wanted it but my aunt said she would give that to me. She said my sister couldn't have it because she's married. I couldn't understand that but out of respect I took it anyway and kept it in my wardrobe.


7 months later I met my now-husband. And we got married 7 months later.. :-) I was single when I received this batik from my aunt and I wasn't dating anyone. In fact, my parents were sort of hopeless that I would get married at all. I was 35 and had no idea whether I would or not.. Did my grandma's old batik have anything to do with my meeting my husband?.. I don't know.. maybe..But one thing for sure; I look at batik differently now..



  1. Very interesting Story ..Nidya..I like it.You are now very Talented LADY..and Engage with BATIK.
    My best wishes for your..bright future...
    Be a "BATIK QUEEN" in the world!!!!

  2. Hi Nali :-) thank you for your loyal appreciation and support!... I wish you all the best with your batik too! :-)