Thursday, 5 April 2012

Martabak ベジタリアン・マルタバの作り方

My home-made martabak. I did an experience by adding carrots :D. And some were nearly burnt ha ha ha!
I wrote and posted an article about martabak before, now I'm going to share the recipe of this most loved street food in Indonesia..


I've made some modifications such as, instead of making the pastry by myself, I use ready-to-use spring roll wraps that we can get at the supermarket or Asian food stores. And instead of minced beef or chicken I use tofu since I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian (meaning I mainly eat non-meat stuff but I still consume eggs and dairy). If you are a non-vegetarian, feel free to use any kind of meat that suits your taste.


12 spring roll sheets (size about:  20x20 cm)
1 pack of tofu  (about 300 gr), crushed or 100 gr minced beef or minced chicken
2 - 3 eggs beaten loosely  (I use 1 egg, because my husband is not an egg person :D )
3 chopped leeks or  10 chopped spring onions ( I prefer spring onions but leeks will do nicely too)
1 onion, chopped
a half teaspoons of crushed coriander seeds (this is optional. If you use beef or chicken, it is not necessary to add coriander seeds but if you use tofu, coriander will make your martabak much tastier)
a half teaspoons of white pepper
salt and sugar to taste
Cooking oil for frying


How to make the stuffing :
1. Saute onion in a frying pan.. When the onion becomes aromatic, add the crushed tofu or minced beef or minced chicken and followed with crushed coriander seeds. Add salt and sugar and keep stiring until it slightly dries and the water reduced. Since tofu contains a lot of water, if you use tofu, it takes a while the tofu forms slightly dry chunks. While beef or chicken might not.    
2. Turn to slow heat and add the beaten egg/s and chopped spring onions. Stir thoroughly. Then turn off the stove.

2. 弱火にして、かき混ぜた卵と葉タマネギを加えます。どんどんかき混ぜます。そして火を止めます。

How to make the martabak:
1. Take one spring roll sheet on a large plate. Place two spoonfuls of the stuffing on the sheet. And fold the sheet the way you fold an envelope. The idea is to form a square. Dip your finger in a water and rub it on one edge of the sheet to seal. Just like when you seal an envelope. This will prevent the stuffing from bursting out while being fried.
2.Fry each of martabak in a frying pan until golden brown.

1. 春巻の皮を取って、大きな皿に載せます。そして大さじ二杯分の具を取って、皮に載せます。それを封筒のように包みます。理想的な形は、四角です。指に水をつけてそれを皮のふちにつけて、貼り合わせます。封筒のようにです。こうすることで、フライしている最中に具がはみ出すのが防げます。
2. それぞれのマルタバを、黄金色になるまでフライします。

Eat martabak while it's piping hot with your favorite sauce. I grew up with chilly sauce so I like dipping it in chilly sauce. Hot and sour pickles will make a great accompaniment.


Enjoy! (^__^)/

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