Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Handmade Batik Silk Shawl: the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is the day where people show respect to mothers. Families and friends shower them with presents and lavish them with special attention. Generally this celebration honors motherhood and the role of mother in the society.

The history of mother's day dates back over 2000 years in ancient festivals like Egyptian and Greek. Though back then ancient societies inclined to celebrate Goddesses as the symbol of motherhood instead of mothers. The Greek celebrated Rhea, the mother of Gods and some societies in Asia Minor might have worshiped Gaia, the Earth Goddess. Ancient Roman worshiped Cybele in a celebration called Magna Mater. Ancient Egyptian held an annual festival to honor Goddess Isis who was considered the Mother of all pharaohs.

Mother's Day presently is celebrated throughout the world on different dates from February until December. The different dates are due to different historical and traditional backgrounds. Some are attached with traditions or religions. Others are with modern day women's movement. In my home country, Indonesia, for example, Mother's Day is celebrated on 22nd of December because on this date 83 years ago in 1928 the first Indonesian Women Congress commenced. In America, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May . The woman who initiated this was Julia Ward Howe in 1870 calling on women to join forces  to protest the Civil War which killed sons of mothers. In Japan, 1949 the Japanese society also adopted the second Sunday of May to celebrate mother's day. More on these can be found here.

Despite the criticism that Mother's Day nowadays has been tainted with commercialism, let's not forget that this is probably the only day we are reminded about the presence of Mothers in their lives. Amidst the mostly chaotic everyday life, trying to make ends meet, we tend to take our mothers for granted. Mothers will sustain themselves, we think. Little do we know that they are also humans, just like us. We want other people to pay attention to us, to treat us specially, and to shower us with presents to make us feel loved and appreciated. If it is natural to buy a birthday present for someone we care, isn't it be natural to buy presents for our mothers on Mother's Day?... Of course it IS. Not everybody can afford the time to make a specially handmade present for their mothers. So buying one shouldn't be seen as criticism.

How to choose a present for our mother among the abundant choices in the market? Picking out something that other people might have or wear does not convey our love and respect that we want to express to our mother. She is SPECIAL. Therefore, we should pick out something that only she can have or wear it. A mass-production item does not sound like a good choice since other people too might have it. So, the perfect choice is a HANDMADE item. Because handmade items are usually one of a kind.

Handmade silk shawl is one of the perfect gifts on Mother's Day. Not only that each has its own design and color which can not be found everywhere, silk shawls are the most versatile accessories. It imparts elegance and class to any outfit for any occasion, whether it is formal or casual. Handmade silk shawls are hand-dyed and hand-painted. Another way is by batiking. Batik silk shawl undergoes a handmade process using wax-resist day. Thanks to the nature of its fiber, silk does not need to be prepared (through a process called mordant) in order to receive wax and dye easily. There are three types of batik silk shawls : hand-draw, hand-stamped, and a combination of hand-drawn and hand-stamped. Any kind is unique in itself. Our mother would certainly be really glad to receive such luxury that she can make use of.

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