Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tokyo, I'm comiiiiing! 久々の東京です!

After long waiting and anticipating, we finally got news from a gallery in Tokyo. They are definitely hosting our first exhibition!! They're holding the exhibition from 22nd until 30th of May.

水面下で進めてきた東京での展示会の計画が、正式に決定しました。久々の東京です!場所は東京都大田区にありますブティックDoの本店、こちらで、5月22日から30日まで、『夏だからジャワ更紗』というタイトルで、 開催されます。

The gallery sent us the format of their direct mail.


And I made my own in English :-)


It's a rare opportunity so I'm pretty excited and anxious at the same time. I really hope we finally find the right market for our handmade batiks.


For those of you who live in Tokyo area, if you have a chance, please visit the exhibition.Thank you and see you there! ^o^


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