Thursday, 10 May 2012

Model For Shawl and Scarf Collection ショール・スカーフ・コレクションのモデルさん

I've been really fortunate to take a Japanese class at Kurayoshi's International Friendship Organization. I get to meet people from different countries and be friends with them.  I've always been interested in different cultures and to know them has been wonderful!


One of my good friends is Samrawit Sisay from Ethiopia. She wants us to call her Samri for short. A very lively and cheerful young woman, newly wed, Samri-san has made our class a very fun class with her spontaneous remarks and laughter. Having moved to Misasa from Addis Ababa following her husband who is pursuing a Ph.D at the Okayama University's Institute For Study of The Earth's Interior she has managed to adapt herself in a tranquil Misasa.


Since she is so bubbly and lively, I thought she would make a great model for my shawls. I was really glad that she happily agreed! I was confident that she would do justice. And she DID!! She loved colors, patterns and everything about the shawls, which made our photo session a GREAT FUN! Just look at these photos and I'm sure you'd agree with me that I made the right choice :-)


Smiling Samri-san

never stopped smiling while I was arranging the shawl

More smile with my newest collection of batik silk scarf for Summer

Smiling Samwri-san with red batik silk scarf


and more laugh!! :-)

Soon I will publish my newest collection of batik silk scarf for Summer. Stay tuned! :-)


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