Friday, 8 July 2011

嬉しかった (@^▽^@) Feedback from First Customer 最初のお客さんからのお返事

This morning as I logged in on my Etsy shop. I got a message from my first customer a weeks later after the batik arrived. I had been waiting anxiously for her reaction. And I was so delighted to hear that she liked it very much (@^▽^@) ahhh sooo happy and relieved.. 嬉しかった。


This is her message:


For the past few weeks I'd been a bit downhearted because of no more new sales. I'd been wondering what I was doing wrong. But her message has cheered me up (@^▽^@)


Running a business is tough and I must get used to it. I hope the universe conspire to help me (^▽^).....


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