Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cool Cucumber Penne Salad for A Super Hot Summer Day 美味しい ^_^

Although this is my second summer in Japan, I can't say I'm half-way used to it. The high humidity is unbearable ( ̄へ ̄) 蒸し暑いね ( ̄へ ̄) Yesterday, I was munching on chocolate chip cookies while chatting with my husband. And I noticed that every chip on the cookie that I was holding was starting to melt!! I didn't even touch it! (●゚д゚●) That is how hot summer in Japan is!!


When I'm complaining about the heat, people are wondering why. They think how come a person from a tropical country like Indonesia can't stand this heat. The thing is where I come from the dry is season is indeed hot but it's dry. Bandung is located in highland, surrounded by mountain range. Though the sun is scorching hot, the cool breeze blows and brings relief. When I explain this, they begin to understand why my tropical body is screaming for help!! \(>o<)/


Anyway, apart from the sultry summer, the other thing that I am still learning to adapt is cooking. I sometimes cook something that, according to my husband, is not suitable for summer. Some dishes make his body feel dull. I myself never feel that way. Or rather, have not yet felt it. Or maybe my body is just too stupid or too slow to react (^-ェ-^).(my husband is a so-called Qui-Gon healer so it seems his body has totally changed because of that)


Before I moved to Japan, I'd never thought that there are so many things that rely on seasons in a four-seasoned country. In Indonesia I eat Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice anytime I want  (´・ω・`;) even in a hot day!


So today I decided to cook something cold for dinner. I've always loved pasta so why not having cold pasta? After about a few-minute browsing on the net, I found one! (I can never be thankful enough for the invention of internet!!) It's called "cool cucumber pasta" from: 
Sounds so refreshing in this sultry weather. But since I don't have mustard, garlic salt and parsley, I decided to use whatever available in the fridge and voila! Cool Cucumber Pasta a la Me!! (^-ェ-^)


Cool Cucumber Pasta a la Me

And to my surprise, my husband loved it!! He said "美味しいこれは" When he says that, I know it is ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

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