Tuesday, 28 June 2011

ハンドメイドのプレゼント for my sweet former student

In my short time living in Tokyo (from November 2009 to march 2011), I got to teach English privately to a little Japanese girl named Suzuka Watanabe.


She is a very sweet and smart girl. Quite shy though. But I managed to make her come out of her shell and laugh (○⌒∇⌒○) It was such a delight having an English session with her. Unfortunately, this had to end because she had to prepare for examination of Junior High School entrance I think. And also because I was leaving Tokyo to move to Kurayoshi.


About a month after moving, I received a letter and a gift made by her... It was so touching
(・_・、) It was soooo sweet.


A letter written by Suzuka

a key chain or a pendant made by Suzuka as a present to me
Now two months has passed since I received the present. I felt guilty because I couldn't find the time to make something in return. So I made her しおり人形。I will send these tomorrow and I hope she will like them o(●´ω`●)o


My handmade しおり人形 for Suzuka. What do you think?

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