Saturday, 25 June 2016


To mark my starting a new life in Tokyo, I decided to give a special offer this summer. Yaaay, isn't that exciting?

This special offer is FREE SHIPPING. Really? Free shipping? Yep, you got it right. Free shipping worldwide. This free shipping is valid for CROCHET EARRINGS. So if you buy a crocheted earrings in my shop, the shipping cost is zero. No need to pay for the shipping. Just enter this coupon code: SUMMERSALE2016 when you check out.

Why only crocheted earrings? Well, summer is here and these earrings will look great for summer themed wear. So, I'd like to make your summer special!

Check out these awesome earrings and see if any of these go with your summer clothes.
These crocheted earrings have been hand-made by me with love and careful details. Some of the flowers were hand-dyed by me. Especially the roses and orchid.

I will make more crochet earrings and if I can finish and list them on Etsy before 31st of July, FREE SHIPPING offer applies too as long as the purchase is made before 31st of July. To find out the details about these earrings click here

Happy summer time, everyone!

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