Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Around Our Apartment

As I wrote in my previous blog post that hubby and I had moved back to Tokyo after having lived in Kurayoshi city in Tottori prefecture.

Our apartment is certainly smaller than our house in Kurayoshi. We have a smaller kitchen (about a third of the size of the previous kitchen). And the apartment consists of 3 rooms, a bathroom and a toilet (both are smaller of course). Our apartment is on the 5th floor! Yep, we have to do some serious exercise going up and down the stairs. Phew! I sweat a lot every time I get home. Especially now that it's summer time.

Despite all of those, we have quite green neighborhood. Surprisingly in Tokyo, you can still find green residential areas like ours. Lots of trees. Mostly ginkgo trees. Also there are small plots of land where residents who like gardening can plant flowers. Supermarkets are near and can be reached within 5 minute walk. The post office is also almost of the same distance, or a bit less than 5 minute walk, which is great for my business. I can ship order faster. Streets are paved. I like paved streets. There are some playgrounds for kids to play.

To catch the train that goes to the heart of Tokyo, I must take a bus to Kokubunji station and from there I can catch Chuo Line that go through Tokyo. So our apartment is located quite nicely and convenient.

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