Saturday, 3 May 2014

New Banner: Jagatara Art Eclectic Tsumami Zaiku

Initially I planned to sell tsumami zaiku and sewn products. The purpose was so that I could maximize the use of fabric. My shop name at time was Jagatara Art: handmade batik clothes and ornaments.

This chrysanthemum was the first chrysanthemum kanzashi I'd managed to make after several failures. And the tjantings were mine. I brought them from Indonesia. I arranged them on a small wooden bench belonging to my husband. I thought the picture would be nice to represent what I was doing.

Again, I always go with the flow. It seemed I did more on making tsumami zaiku or kanzashi flower than on sewing. I did sew and sold some blouses that I made at my mother in-law's shop, but somehow I was drawn to tsumami zaiku a bit more. And when I sold some on Etsy, I made some sales. Not many but not as bad as when I was selling batik. And this kept me going.

In early February, I received a custom order to make a kanzashi hair comb. This one was very special, because I was asked to make a kanzashi of vintage kimono fabrics. Since then I've begun creating tsumami zaiku of a variety of textiles. Not just batik. I have been using vintage kimono and Indian saree silk. So, I decided to change my shop banner again to Jagatara Art: Eclectic Tsumami Zaiku. I call it eclectic since I use different types of fabrics. I hope my works will be widely accepted in the market.

This is the new banner. From left to right: batik silk, vintage kimono and Indian saree silk.

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