Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fun Quizzes That Make You Laugh Or Frown

Recently when I'm logged in on facebook, I notice on news feed of what my friends are doing or have done and one interesting thing is that many seem to enjoy taking quizzes. This is not quizzes like examinations at school or something, but more like self-examining ones.

I guess living a society, any society, generally an individual often does not recognize themselves; what they really like; what they are really like; what they're supposed to be, and so on and so forth. The reason is that there are a lot of compromises that one must make in order to live in harmony in a society that he or she forgets about what they really are. Anyway, I'm not going to ramble on and on about this since I'm not a specialist in this domain. What I'm going to talk about is how these quizzes reveal some interesting discoveries about ourselves that we have never realized before. These quizzes are meant for fun, I think. So nothing serious about it, but still it will make you laugh or frown (because sometimes they come up with silly answers that are you at all) or make you know more about yourself :)

I've taken some too and I gladly say that I agree with most of the answers. Phewww.. I found out about most of these quizzes from my facebook's news feed. Here some:

This quiz is (from quizony) about which city we should live. I in most cases people are so crazy about the cities where they live in, including me ha..ha.. ha.. You may say that I'm not crazy about Kurayoshi city, the place where I live now. Anyway, so I took this quiz, and after having answered 9 questions, the result says that I should live in Amsterdam!! It's a funny coincidence that hubby and I sometimes talk about living in Amsterdam. Not seriously though ha..ha..ha..

The other one is from survley. This one is particularly interesting since I love spices and herbs. This quiz finds out which herb or spice we are. And after having answered 5 questions, I got BASIL! And coincidentally I LOOOOVE basil! I put basil in my pasta sauce whenever I cook pasta. It says here:

You are 

You value deep, authentic relationships. You're not big on small talk. You are deeply spiritual, even if you don't talk about it much. Deep down you are good with yourself and the world. You are unpretentious and natural. You couldn't be another way even if you tried. You have a beautiful soul, and it shines through in the way you treat others.

Thanks for finishing the test! Did you like it? Share your result with friends to see what spice they are.

I don't know whether it describes my personality precisely, but I'm very happy with the answer! :)

Next one I took from playbuzz. This site offers loads of fun and amusing quizzes. I'm a great fan of The Lord of The Rings, so of course I'd take this quiz on which member of the fellowship you are. And I am Gandalf The Grey!! yaaay!! And yes, Gandalf is my most favorite character in The Lord of The Rings. I wouldn't have watched the trilogy hundred times if Gandalf weren't there.

But not all the quizzez I took came up with a satisfying coincidental answer. Sometimes, I got an answer that made me frown. For example, Which Movie Magician Are You. And according to this quiz I am Dumbledore! What?? I chose Loch Ness as my magical companion and not phoenix but that made me Dumbledore? If there's one character I sympathize with the most, that would be Professor Snape. I mean the poor guy had such a huge love for Lily, Harry's mom. That is so sweet!!

Anyway, I couldn't say whether these quizzes really told the truth about me or whether they were legit or not. I didn't take them seriously but it's just fun. It's as if someone told me what I'm like. I seldom hear what other people think about me. So it's nice to know that.

Have you taken these quizzes? If not, I recommend taking one or two or as many as you like. They are really fun and trust me you'll learn more about yourself. Or just they'll make you frown in disagreement ;)

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