Saturday, 27 October 2012

Orange Green Chrysanthemum Batik Bridal Kanzashi Hair Comb オレンジとグリーンの菊風のブライダル用バティックかんざし

A new label in my blog and also a new section in my shop.


This is my first successful attempt in making kanzashi using batik and Japanese traditional method. I wish I could go on and on telling about how I ended up making kanzash. But I will do it later on.


This kanzashi is made from hand-stamped batik from Java. I used Japanese traditional method when making it. It took me about 2 days to complete as nori or rice glue takes a long time to set.


This kanzashi is available on my Etsy shop.


Brides don't need to always wear white all the way, right? ;-) Bring vivacity in the joyous occasion with vibrant colors of hair ornaments such as this.


You can check out my work HERE


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