Saturday, 27 October 2012

First post in 3 months 三ヶ月振りの更新です!

I'm so sorry for not posting anything on my blog for over 3 months... I didn't write anything at all since 13th of July. I've just checked that my last post was on 12th of July..


I've immersed myself in sewing intensively - I've been spending  almost all day everyday cooped up in a room now changed into my atelier. Aside from sewing, I recently discovered a new passion: making kanzashi. And for these two reasons I decided to reform the content of my Etsy shop. The shop is called Jagatara Art handmade batik clothes and ornaments.

この間私はずっと、洋裁に集中していました。毎日のほとんどの時間を洋裁に費やしていたものですから、うちの家の一室は完全にアトリエと化してしまいました。さらに私は最近、新しい興味の対象を見つけました。それは、かんざし作りです。そんなわけで私はEtsyのショップの中身を作り変えることにしました。名前も、"Jagatara Art handmade batik clothes "に変更しました。

The reason for the change was that I wanted to sell the items that I make by myself. I wanted to have some sort of control over what I sell. And the only thing I could achieve that is by making the items by myself. I could decide the colors, shape, quality, etc. Although not all the stuff I sell is made by me. The shawls and scarfs are still made by my partner workshop in Java. They also provide me with batik cotton that I use to make handmade clothes and kanzashi.


This is the cover of my Etsy shop and my Facebook fanpage now. I made the chrysanthemum on the photo. It was probably the first successful kanzashi I'd made :) It was made from hand-stamped batik and decorated with chirimen cover button. I was very proud that the chrysanthemum attracted a customer's attention who immediately wanted it so much.


Anyway, I'd like to write more but my eyes are very tired although this is the first in 3 months that I've had some time to write and post in my blog. I wanted to post more about the process of learning I went through - sewing and making kanzashi. But I will do it when I have more time because I'm still busy perfecting my techniques in both. In the meantime, please check my shop and my facebook fanpage. Thank you!! ^^


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