Sunday, 1 July 2012

Learning To Use My sewing Machine ミシンの使い方を学ぶ!

When I decided to try my hand at sewing, the prospect was quite daunting. I mean, I had known what a sewing machine looks like but I was never curious as to know how it works. A friend suggested I should enroll at a sewing school or course. But there wasn't any around here. So the only way to do it is teaching myself. No ventured no gained, right?


Then I started browsing Youtube, searching for videos on how to use a sewing machine. These are some which I find very useful.


Her instructions are clear for a total beginner like me.


Watching her video convinced me that I could do it. I could teach myself to sew!!


But there was a crucial thing. In most videos, all of the sewing machines use foot pedals. The one that I got from my mother in-law doesn't have. It's a Juki HZL-9800. According to her, she's had it for over 10 years. And what's more, she has no longer the manual!! No manual, no foot am I going to make this work??? I was thinking frantically

でも、問題が一つありました。大抵の動画にあるミシンには、全てフット・ペダルがついています。でもそれが、お義母さんからもらったミシンにはついていないのです。このミシンは、Juki HZL-9800という機種です。お義母さんによれば、10年前に手に入れたそうです。それだけではありません。取扱説明書もない!説明書もなければ、フットペダルもない・・・。どうしたらいいんだ?私は悩みに悩みました。

With my husband, I pushed every button on it:


These buttons which I found out later on are for types of stitches..


Still types of stitches...


After a while he gave up when it seemed to be a hopeless effort. While I was still curiously searching. And finally I got it!!


See those two buttons with different arrow signs? The one below serves like a foot pedal. I was just like EUREKA!! You know. It was such an exciting moment!!


Then I found out that the knob on the right with two cute symbols of a rabbit and a turtle is to control the speed. And the button above with a U-turn sign is to do backstitches.


That day gave me more and more confidence that I would be able to sew. What a great day!!


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