Thursday, 12 July 2012

First Project with Straight Stitches: Noren or Japanese Curtain 最初のプロジェクト:のれん

One of the misconceptions about using a sewing machine to do the stitching is that the machine will do EVERY little bit of work. I don't know if others have this idea but I DID. Before I began sewing that is.


Once I made the machine work, I tried to make stitches on a scrap of fabric. I lowered the presser foot and pushed the on button. As the machine was making stitches on the fabric, my eyes were closely watched the needle to make sure that the stitches were straight. Over and over again. More and more scraps. I wasn't satisfied as I made uneven stitches again and again. There's got to be tips. This one by Mallory I found really helpful!Thanks Mallory!!


After practicing this method over and over again, I finally felt more confident to try to make a real project. And what is the ideal project for a beginner like me is none other than Japanese curtain or NOREN. No curves, no gatherings, not this or that, I needed simply straight seams to create one. In spite of this, I was a bit nervous. I didn't want to waste expensive fabric if I failed. so I bought a piece of cheap fabric at the nearest 100 yen shop. It was supposed to be a furoshiki. And ta daaaaaa... This is my very first project a couple of months ago!


After this I became more confident to make a more challenging project!


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