Saturday, 30 June 2012

How to wear a shawl: Style 1 ショールの着こなし方:スタイルその1

One thing that makes scarf or shawl so versatile is the number of style you can create with just one. By changing the way you tie it or drape, you will look differently in just a few seconds! That's how incredible a scarf or a shawl is.


Here is the very basic and most worn style when people wear a shawl or scarf:

1. Drape it around your neck with one end shorter than the other.
2. Wrap the longer end around your neck.
3. Pull closer to your neck and voila!


1. 片方をもう片方よりも短めに、首に掛けます。
2. 長い方を首に巻きます。
3. 軽くひっぱると、ほら出来上がり!


One thing you must remember. To create this style, you need a shawl or scarf that is at least 1.8 meters long so that both ends can hang nicely.


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