Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stitch Thru' Batik バティックへひと針を・・・

Look scary and creepy these sharp tools, don't they?


Up until about two months ago, I hadn't had a clue what they're for. How these sharp tools would help create dresses, skirts, pants, etc I never knew? They reminded me more of tools at the dentist's office that conjure up pain than those that create beauty.


But that silly thought of mine was over. Now I know what they are for and how to use them. I timidly started to buy each of them. Sometimes, I bought a tool after I'd made a mistake by simply thinking that one tool could do 2 or 3 tasks altogether. For example, I thought I could just use the ordinary scissors I'd already had would be enough to do all the cutting work such as cutting paper pattern, fabric, seams, etc. Then I realized that I needed a special pair of scissors to make a nice clean cut on the fabric. So I bought these pink bent-handled scissors. And others too like the seam ripper, thread nipper, etc.


How I ended up taking up sewing was kind of obscure. I love handmade batiks and I often buy just because I can't help myself when I see beautiful batiks. They are so irresistible! But living in Japan where tailors are hardly to be found and if there's one, they're incredibly expensive, I can't have those batiks made into something usable or wearable. So, I had piles of batiks that I didn't know what I would do with.


Suddenly I thought why not taking up sewing? Some people seem to have taught themselves to sew. They didn't go to any sewing schools. Plus there's plenty of sources where you get information on how to teach yourself to sew.


I mentioned the idea to my husband who thought that wasn't a bad idea at all.


Every time we went to the electronic shop, we always checked out the sewing machines available there. I wasn't sure what kind I should buy. And suddenly my husband got home with a sewing machine. It's my mother in-law's! She has had it for about over 10 years. And apparently it hadn't been used for many years.


Next things I needed was books about sewing tutorial since I'd decided to teach myself. But choosing the right ones was not easy because I had no clue as to what would be suitable for me. I found these and bought some patterns too.


And so I began my sewing adventure with batik :-)


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