Monday, 15 August 2016

Two Custom Orders of Crocheted Flower French Barrettes

Remember my recent post of crochet flower French barrettes? When I was posting the link of one of them on Facebook, somebody saw it and asked me if I could do a custom order with different colors. I said yes. This lady wanted me to make one barrette with purple flowers for her and one with autumn colored flowers for her mother.

The original flower barrette I made has about 15 tiny flowers. But the lady asked me to use bigger barrettes because she and her mother have thick hair. Bigger barrette means larger barrette top, so I had to make about 16 - 17 flowers and 7 - 8 leaves each so that they could cover the whole surface of the barrette top. After making the flowers, which took me about 2 days, I hand-dyed them with fabric dye using a paintbrush. I had to it very carefully otherwise I'd fail to create ombre. Then I let them to dry overnight. The next day, they're ready to be assembled. And here they are:

 Autumn colored flower French barrette for the mother.

And purple flower French barrette for the daughter.

 If you'd like something like this in your color preference, contact me via my Etsy shop to discuss.