Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My First Batch of Crocheted Flower French Barrettes

August is here! Yaaay!

Although the weather condition is almost (if not more) as uncomfortable as last month, but we are nearing the end of summer, which is YAAAAY for me! Can't wait for it to be over.

Despite the heat and the almost unbearable humidity, I managed to make 5 crocheted flower French barrette. All hand-dyed and all are listed on my Etsy Shop.

Check out this batch and let me know what you think!

Light teal lily flower French barrette
Blue bougainvillea French barrette.

Calla lily French barrette.

Rose French barrette in pastel blue, yellow and purple.

 Colorful flower French barrette -  turquoise, pink, yellow.

Find these pieces on my Etsy shop. They're ready to ship. And if you'd like something like these in different colors, feel free to drop me a message in my etsy shop inbox message.