Sunday, 10 July 2016

Custom Order Crochet Earrings

I'd been busy with restructuring my shop that I forgot to write about a recent custom order I'd made.

Some weeks ago I got a message in my Etsy inbox from a lady. She said she loved my crochet earrings. She'd had already seven pairs of my crochet earrings! And this time she asked me if I could make a custom order crochet earrings. She liked one pair of earrings on my shop, but she wanted to have something like those in different colors.

I was a bit unsure about her choice of colors, but I went on making her order anyway. And it turned out to be very nice! I was quite surprised myself. When I showed her the picture, she was very happy, which made me even happier!

These are the crochet earrings I made for her.

These earrings were made based on my previous design. But she wanted me to add pink beads. The original don't have beads.

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