Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Morning Glory Bridal Hair Comb or Headpiece Kanzashi

Summer is over and autumn is here.. :)

I have to admit that I don't like summer. It's so humid and hot. I feel as if my energy was absorbed out of my body, leaving me lethargic and inactive. That's why I didn't post at all during summer. Sorry about that..

Apart from being lethargic, I managed to make some seasonal kanzashi in August and September.

August is the month of morning glory. Morning glory or asagao has hardly ever been assembled with other flowers in a kanzashi. As far as I know. For this year's morning glory, I made two hair combs in very elegant colors of teal and blue. I acquired the silk from an Etsy shop called nunofeltingsupplies. The silk was hand-dyed with so beautiful shades of blue and teal. It was also very light, making the morning glory I made very soft and elegant.

For this hair comb, I used two colors, blue and purple. I added a tendril as the signature of Morning glory kanzashi :)

The teal morning glory on this hair comb are rather smaller than the previous. But I think they're really cute and elegant. This will make an elegant bridal hair comb or headpiece.

I wanted to write about bell flower in this post, but I can't keep my eyes open ha ha ha.. So I'll write about that in my next post. Soon. I promise :)

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