Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kanzashi Inspired FLOWER Dangle Earrings

One thing I like about tsumami zaiku or kanzashi inspired flowers is that how adaptable it is. You can apply it on hair accessories as it's originally for or jewelry. Tsumami zaiku or kanzashi inspired flowers make a lovely piece of mix-media jewelry.

Take a look at this pair of earring dangles by Magpie Creations. Aren't they a beauty?

I have made several pairs of dangle earrings, too, and listed them on etsy. Some of them are of batik cotton and one pair is made from batik silk. I combined the flowers with lamp work beads, fire-polished beads, charms, and faux pearls.

  Blue jasmine with bird cage charm and faux pearl.

Dainty pink jasmine with lamp work beads.

 Tangerine toned jasmine with flower charm and orange acrylic beads.

Dark olive flower with fire-polished bead dangles.

I'm pretty happy with my first batch of earrings and will make more soon!

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