Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ume Hana or Plum Blossom Hair Accessories

I feel awful for not making the time to update my blog. My writing skill is getting bad.. :(... But once I've grabbed my tweezers, rice glue, and stacks and stacks of fabric scraps, I can't stop making what recently has become one of my passions: kanzashi..

I've been making loads of kanzashis.. Some of them were complete failure and some came out as I had expected or even more.

First, I begin with ume hana or plum blossoms. Plum blossoms precedes cherry blossoms. It blooms in very early spring. I managed to take some photos of these flowers before they fell.. Well, plum blossoms don't seem to get as much highlight as cherry blossom where TV or weather forecast faithfully report where the much-loved flower in Japan start to bloom. Whereas plum blossoms don't get that scale of attention. So when my father in-law told us that the plum trees in his field had begun flowering, I went there with my husband and took some photos.

Sorry for the bad quality, I had to fight the cold weather of early spring and the smell of organic fertilizer. I took these photos last February.

To celebrate these flowers, I made some ume hana or plum blossom themed hair accessories. I love to experiment with different styles so I tried also the rustic style and Mediterranean style of hair accessories aside from common Japanese style of kanzashi. For more details of my works, simply click the title under each photo.

Retro Orange Grey Ume Hana or Plum Blossom

Rustic White Satin Cream Maroon Ume Hana Plum Blossom

My Something Blue Ume Flower Plum Blossom

Mediterranean Yellow Blue Ume Flower Plum Blossom

Blue Yellow Large Ume Hana Plum Blossom 

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