Tuesday, 1 January 2013


First of all I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!

I haven't updated my blog for aaaaages. Since I began making my own products - fabric ornaments inspired from tsumami kanzashi and handmade batik clothes - I've had very little time to write or read. I've been spending most of my time creating, especially the fabric hair ornaments. I can't stop experimenting with new flowers and other shapes. You may say that I'm already addicted to it.

Anyhow I'm happy to say that even though I started learning to make the fabric ornaments about 4 or 5 months ago, I have sold some of my works! Yaaaaay! I'm so excited! I attach here the photos of my sold kanzashi items. Most of them were hair accessories and some were jewelry such as necklaces.

Christmas themed butterfly barette

orange and dark green butterfly hair clip

Turquoise and yellow butterfly snap hair clip

chrysanthemum hair stick

large chrysanthemum alligator hair clip
yellow and turquoise chrysanthemum barette

orange chrysanthemum hair comb

purple and pastel green ume flower snap hair clip

red, white and blue ume snap hair clip

yellow chrysanthemum with blue leaves barette
yellow and turquoise six petaled flower snap hair clip
orange and turquoise six petaled flower

pink ume flower bobby pin
blue and pink dragonfly bobby pin
butterfly and flower baby headband
Christmas poinsettia alligator hair clip

purple peony alligator hair clip
yellow and green four leaf clover hair clip
purple and yellow ume flower snap hair clip
purple and brown ume flower snap hair clip
orange and white chrysanthemum necklace
purple and red orchids necklace
blue lotus necklace
I'm sorry that I don't update the process of my learning and making these ornaments. I've always had difficulty finding the time to write on my blog. But I always post my progress on my Facebook fanpage. So please visit my fanpage to follow my works and progress. A friend will join my shop, so don't forget to check out my Facebook page to stay updated.

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