Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Iris Flower Stick Pins Ayame Kanzashi Inspired

If I go by the seasonal tsumami kanzashi, iris flower or ayame in Japanese should be the flower of May. And now it's August. But I don't follow this principle, so why not enjoying iris flower or any other kanzashi flowers even though they're not in season, right :)

I've been very much into making a variety of petals out of two basic petals: round and pointed by making several folds. The three large petals of this rendition of iris are made of pointed petals. Instead of creating just one fold, I made 3 extra folds. For the other small petals, I just used regular pointed and round petals.

I've made three different irises. One is blue, another is pink and the other is gold tone. These iris flower stick pins can be worn by ladies as scarf pins or hat pins and they can be worn by men as wedding boutonnieres or lapel pins.

Blue Iris Stick Pin Ayame Kanzashi Inspired.

Pink Iris Stick Pin Ayame Kanzashi Inspired.

Gold Toned Stick Pin Ayame Kanzashi Inspired. 

To purchase these stick pins, simply visit my Etsy shop. I also accept custom orders.