Saturday, 19 September 2015

A Weekend Getaway Part 3: A Visit to Izumo Taisha

Finally our final leg of a one-day trip to Izumo. (Read A Wekend Getaway Part 1 and A Weekend Getaway Part 2)

After Izumo shrine and the museum, I thought we would go back straight to Matsue city but apparently my husband and his friends  had come up with another plan. We were passing a meandering road when I saw a roof of an ancient building portruding among a lush valley. Then I realised that was our next stop.

We arrived at a shrine which is closely related to Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. This shrine is called Hinomisaki Shrine. Unlike the Izumo shrine, the Hinomisaki shrine is painted in bright vermilion. This shrine is located about 8 km north of Izumo shrine.

Not far from Hinomisaki shrine stands Izumo Hinomisaki Lighthouse. It is the highest stone lighthouse in Japan. It is also listed in top 100 historic lighthouses in the world. The lighthouse is open to public. You can enter and go up for 200 yen. But I didn't. I was just pretty exhausted.

Next stop was kind of refreshing. After a long ride on a long winding road, we stopped at Shimane Winery. The shop offers abundant sweets made of grapes and other types of local snacks. Also, of course, all kinds of wine produced there. There are over 10 bowls of wine which you can sample. I wasn't driving so I could taste some. I found one that I really like. But I didn't buy it because basically I don't drink.

The visit to the winery ended our trip for that day. I was soooo exhausted.. But, it was a really good trip overall.

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