Monday, 13 April 2015

New Daffodil Themed Tsumami Zaiku Pieces

Although the highlight of the spring in Japan is Sakura or cherry blossoms, one of my favorite flowers in the spring is actually not cherry blossoms but the Daffodils or suisen in Japanese.

They grow somewhat wildly around my neighbourhood. But the shape of the blossom is really cute I think, and special. I feel that the daffodils are such carefree, cheerful and unassuming flowers.

These daffodils grow wildly around my house.

And of course, consequently it's one of the tsumami zaiku flowers I love to make. Up to now I've completed two daffodil French barrettes and two corsages/hair clips.

For the barrettes I mainly used batik, jacquard trims, and habutai silk. And for the corsages/hair clips I used the linings from vintage kimono.

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