Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tsumami Zaiku / Kanzashi Petals on Fabric Covered Buttons

Button is one of my favorite item in the craft world, especially fabric covered button.

I've been fascinated by cute fabric covered buttons and how versatile they are. The range of their versatility is amazing: from hair accessories to jewelry. The projects that you can do with fabric covered buttons are countless!

I was browsing the net and found this: tsumami zaiku on a fabric covered button.  What a great idea to combine fabric covered buttons with tsumami zaiku.

To make the fabric covered buttons I use two types of covered buttons: the metal ones and the plastic ones. The plastic ones are known as kurumi buttons. The difference is that kurumi buttons don't have metal backs. Kurumi buttons are used to create projects such as small coin case.

When I use kurumi buttons in my tsumami zaiku projects, I have to create a base made of cardboard which I attach on the back of the kurumi button. When I use the metal buttons, I don't have to do that.

I will write about how to make it. But briefly, it's pretty easy. Cover both the metal top and the back with a piece of fabric. On the back attach 2 pieces braided elastic crisscrossing each other. Then attach the back on with strong glue. Leave it for a couple of hours. When set, it's ready to be decorated with tsumami zaiku flower or petals.

This can be attached and detached. Attach it on a hair clip, headband, brooch, or even a choker ribbon to make is as choker pendant.

This my first batch of fabric covered buttons with tsumami zaiku. Some of these are available on my Etsy shop.

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