Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hand-stamped Batik on My Etsy Shop

Most of the batiks on my Etsy shop are hand-stamped.

Not a few think that hand-stamped batiks are not handmade or hand-crafted, which is incorrect. Hand-stamped batiks are so handmade. It does not involve machinery and it requires a lot of time to make.

The difference between hand-drawn and hand-stamped is when applying pattern on the cloth. With hand-stamped batiks, patterns are made by hand with a copper printing block dipped in hot wax. This process speeds up the whole process of making batik. The dyeing is done by hand too.

Most hand-stamped batiks have contemporary designs. Some have traditional designs.

My favorite hand-stamped batiks are the ones from the North Coast of West Java Island, Indonesia. The prints are really cute and quite modern. And they are so colorful and yet simple. Some of the hand-stamped batiks on my shop also come from the North Coast of Central Java. I love those too. 

These batiks are perfect for any sewing projects. They're cotton and very comfortable for spring and summer clothing.

My New Etsy Shop

Happy new year!

Well, I know it's way too late to say that since it's been over 2 months since the new year started.

I've been very busy lately. I opened a new shop on etsy selling vintage and supplies in December last year.

I had been thinking about doing that for many months before and decided it's time to do that. The idea came when my mother in-law show me some vintage kimonos and jacket kimonos that she had kept for many years. She said she didn't know what to do with them. So I thought why not selling them on etsy. That's how it began.

I also have tons of batiks that I haven't had a chance to make into a dress or blouse. Since I began making tsumami zaiku/kanzashi, I haven't had the time to sew.

I'm planning to fill up my shop with other supplies and more vintage. Can't wait to do that! But for now I have vintage kimonos and batiks only on my shop.

If you love Japanese vintage kimono or Indonesian batik, you might find kimono or batik you're looking for :)