Saturday, 9 November 2013

Lotus (Hasu / 蓮) Kanzashi

Now that I have a cast foot (from falling down the stairs a few days ago), I must be absent for a while from making kanzashi and sewing.. It's hard to move around with a cast foot since in my working room I mostly do things on the floors (Japanese style) with low tables... Oh well.. I'm trying to see the bright side of this.. Maybe it's time for me to post more on my blog, which I never seemed to get around to.

October is known for the chrysanthemum month in kanzashi tradition. Even though I'm not a traditional kanzashi crafter, I made a lot of chrysanthemum last month. But I also made one un-chrysanthemum kanzashi. I made a lotus.

Lotus may not be as common as chrysanthemum, sakura, plum blossom, or other flowers in the traditional kanzashi world. But I have found some kanzashi artists / crafters make lotuses. And why not? Lotus is such a beautiful flower with deep meanings so it is somewhat a must to take a challenge in making one.

Lotus or hasu in Japanese ( ) has given the opportunity for kanzashi artists and crafters to be creative with petals. Most use pointed petals but not a few use round petals such as one made by MountainMusings here. This rendition of lotus is beautiful and bold.

You can purchase this unique lotus here.

As I mentioned before, most kanzashi crafters use pointed petals to make lotus such as this pretty lotus by littlecookie. This one has only one layer but it captures the beauty of lotus very well.

 For more details of this pretty lotus, you can go here.

Magpie Creations uses a variation of pointed petals to make this gorgeous 4-layered lotus. I think it is really really beautiful! You can go to here for the details of this beautiful lotus.

My lotus also uses pointed petals. As variation, I made 2 more folds on each pointed petal. It may look as if the petals were sewn on, but I actually assembled the petals with nori. I made one big lotus and a small one and one lily pad. I made the lotuses out of batik but the lilypad out of plain cotton. To finish off, I coated the lotuses with 3D crystal lacquer which I had mixed with glitter.

Blue Lotus

More details on my blue lotus, please go here.

On Bed Rest :((

That was probably the most awful Sunday I've ever had in my life.

Sunday 3rd November, I was getting ready to go to a matsuri (means festival, which sometimes I think it's also partly a bazaar) in Yonago city. My husband had rented a booth for Jagatara Art. This was the third time we'd joined the matsuri.

The time showed 7.30 ish in the morning. My husband had put our stuff and equipment into our car. I don't really remember how it happened but I remember I wanted to go upstairs to my working room to make sure I hadn't left anything. As I was going up, I wasn't aware that my right foot did not fully land on the step, just the tip maybe. Because of this, my right leg couldn't support my body weight... and I fell with a loud thump! 

And this is what I got...

Yup, I thought I just had a sprained ankle, but at the hospital, the doctor found out that one metatarsal bone was fractured a bit. Even so, the pain was unbearable, I couldn't walk. My left foot was swollen. Then the doctor decided to put my foot in a cast... :(( And for this, I must be on bed rest for at least 10 days... Sigh...